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Kiran Gupta

Clinical Hypnotherapy

Being certified as a Master Hypnotist, as helped me gain access to the Human mind in a simplified way.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a science wherein we influence the subject to respond to our suggestions.

Clinical Hypnotherapy helps Stress Reduction with a Protective Shield; helps boost Self-confidence, Concentration and Self-Esteem.

In acute cases of Drug and Tobacco addiction, fears and phobias and fear of the unknown, Hypnotherapy has effectively eliminated these and set the patient free for a life-time from fears and apprehensions.

It’s a myth that Clinical Hypnotherapy takes a patient to a trance. The reality is that the patient is very much in tune to his surroundings and is aware of all that is happening around him.

The process of reaching out to the patient’s sub-conscience mind and giving him suggestions effectively is the successful process of Hypnotherapy without actually touching the patient or inducing him to a state of oblivion.

Learning Clinical Hypnotherapy has certainly helped me counsel people easily and the success rate is there to be seen.