Tarot Treasure

Kiran Gupta

Cosmic Enlightment

The manifestation of all things that we desire is within our realm.

When individuals seek the power or control over ones own life it’s the advent of a beautiful process called life. The human brain with all its potential has now learnt to seek the highest dimensions of life. The amalgamation of science with spirituality is the dawn of the new era. The gateway to creation and manifestation is within all of us.

Cosmic Enlightenment is a lesson on The Quantum Language of Healing, Peace, Feeling and Belief. Here we gain a deeper understanding about how our energy fields work in concert with energy fields that are external to our selves.

The seventh plane of existence resonates at such a powerful frequency that diseases and negative thoughts cannot survive in its proximity. Thus, people who connect with the Creator and reach the seventh plane will be able to get things manifested and get cured accordingly and this can happen instantly.

Cosmic Enlightenment is one such process which helps one to make all their dreams and desires come to life!