Tarot Treasure

Kiran Gupta


Auto-writing is a subtle and peaceful way to channel and speak with your Spirit Guides and your Beloved Deceased Ones.

With the help of this kind of Channelling, you can get information and answers to all that you wish to know from the Universe, especially from family members who are no more with you now.

Auto-writing helps release all our prejudices and apprehensions that we have with our deceased family members.

It helps bring peace and tranquillity and helps overcome our grief.

My experience has been a successful one, both personally and professionally.

My first Auto-writing experience with a client encouraged me to help channelize for other clients too.

A ‘Dear Friend’ lead me beautifully into this World of helping seek answers and connect with our beloved departed souls.

Thank you ‘Dear Friend’.

I Thank my Tarot Card Teacher ‘Aparna Bose’ for her faith in me, by simply saying-‘You have always been doing it Kiran’, when I asked her if I could ever learn Auto-writing.

And, I Thank ‘Karishma Bajaj’ for her re-assuring faith in me that I could do Auto-writing as beautifully as she does it, by gently mentoring me into this wonderful Science.

Friends, You All are Welcome into this World to connect and find peace with your Family members who are now residing in another Realm of existence.