Tarot Treasure

Kiran Gupta


My journey as a Columnist began by writing the Horoscope column for the daily Tabloid ‘Afternoon Courier and Despatch’.

Working six days a week, the journey merged into writing for various other magazines and web-portals, Politically-based, Films and Television related, Business franchise Magazines and The Bombay Times.

Moving steadily up the ladder, I was fortunate to have successfully predicted the candidates in the last Lok Sabha Elections in India and also the then future Prime Minister in 2009.

My work with the Bombay Times since August 2011 has given me the much-acclaimed status of having arrived.

As a Columnist, I meet deadlines effectively and take care not to hurt the sentiments of any Caste, Religion or Race.

Writing Columns is my Profession and Passion and I use this as a medium to reach out to people to give them some comforting words so that they live life positively.

My Respects to All my Editors who have trusted my abilities and still continue to mentor me.

My journey continues and I hope to write on International grounds soon.